FLIA Globalbrains Initiative

FLIA Globalbrains Initiative

FLIA GlobalBrains Initiative is a professional community for young professionals at the intersection of law and international affairs. If you are a young professional at the intersection of law and international affairs, we will feature your story and expertise to FLIA’s global network to enhance your opportunities for collaboration, publication, and job hunting. Young professionals who are committed to the intersection of law and international affairs – which is the front line in the development of both globalization and localization – have not been given the value and opportunities they deserve. Therefore, we are calling young professionals to join the FLIA GlobalBrains Initiative, where we will grow as a community and work towards the vision we all share for the future.


In addition to being featured, the benefits you gain as a FLIA GlobalBrains Initiative Member include:
  1. The possibility of becoming a FLIA Review Editorial Board member
  2. The possibility of joining the FLIA Insight Team and FLIA Consultation Team, where:
    1. Your original work will be published and circulated on FLIA’s global sources, or referred to our consultative client from public sector and private sectors, or published in FLIA electronic journals;
    2. You will have priorities over publishing your paper in FLIA Review, subject to their satisfaction with academic requirements
    3. We will invite you to join FLIA’s various research projects.
  3. The possibility of getting freelance jobs from FLIA alongside your daily work
  4.  Receiving information on international conferences, grant opportunities, internship and job opportunities
  5. Receiving recommendations for job applications, independent freelance work, and potential employers


As a FLIA GlobalBrains Initiative member, you have no obligations to FLIA. But in order to maintain the professionalism and culture of the community, we do have minimum qualifications for prospective members. To be eligible to join the FLIA GlobalBrains Initiative, you must meet all necessary conditions and at least two optional conditions:


  • No academic fraud or other records of academic discipline
  • Open-minded and non-discriminatory perspective on nationality
  • Unique views on major international issues.


  • Overseas education (i.e., studied abroad)
  • Completion of graduate degree or current enrollment in graduate program;
  • Experience in academic research (including research you have done at school)
  • Two or more years of work experience in legal practice or international organizations.

Interested? Download the invitation letter & interview questions here: