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The Foundation for Law and International Affairs (FLIA) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization mandated to promote academic and public discourse at the intersection of law and international affairs. The core vision of FLIA is to promote international cooperation and public dialogue through the development of new ideas and collaboration with various academic, governmental and civil actors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate international scholarly activities, conduct high quality, independent research and policy analysis, engage in public education and awareness-building programs, as well as amplify the voice of the rising generation.

Our Culture

Every FLIA member is an expert in law and international affairs; Every FLIA member is an ambassador for global awareness and collaboration; Every FLIA member is an architect of an informed and peaceful world.

Our Team

FLIA is set up in the U.S. and enjoys partnership with renowned colleges, law firms, non-government organizations, and enterprises from all over the world. Our team is spread through the U.S., China, the U.K., Italy, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea and various other regions.

FLIA at a Glance

FLIA Conference

FLIA Conference is one of our most important programs. FLIA Conference is devoted to various topics at the intersection of law and international affairs. The program invites scholars, practitioners, researchers, officials, and social organizations that have made remarkable contributions in the chosen topic area. Individuals and organizations showing great contribution or strong interests and concerns are welcome to present or attend as visitors. Since 2105, we have organized eight international conferences in China, the US and Europe, including one at the UN.

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FLIA Insight

FLIA initiates academic research projects on various important topics involving law and international affairs. For example, we conducted some research projects on NGO laws and global governance. The research project "A Study on the 'Go Out' Policy System for Chinese Social Organizations" was sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of People's Republic of China. Among the received 422 proposals, not only FLIA was the only foreign institution out of the 70 approved, but also the research report was awarded a third prize together with reports prepared by the China University for Politics and Law, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Centre for Policy Research. 

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FLIA Publication

As a significant program of FLIA, "FLIA Publication" currently focuses on publication work in China and the United States. FLIA Publication in China includes the Educational Edition and the Academic Edition.

"Strategy for Law School Application" is the first published book of the Educational Edition of FLIA Publication in China. This book offers Chinese students reliable resources and information on law school applications in the United States and helps them be prepared with necessary knowledge and effective strategy. "The Education of Legal Professional in the United States: A Statistical Analysis" is the first published book of the Academic Edition of FLIA Publication in China. This book comprehensively introduces legal education and legal career paths in the United States using statistical research.

The Foundaiton for Law and International Affairs Review is coming soon. 

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FLIA Youth

FLIA’s mission includes working together with young people to create a global mindset and foster respect for comparative ideas and legal perspectives. The FLIA Youth program provides reliable educational resources for international students. The fundamental goal is to help the youth become well-rounded global citizens with an international mindset. For this purpose, FLIA launched the FLIA Youth | Global Civics and FLIA Youth | Young Professional Virtual Seminar projects and invite young people to join us in our exciting series of programs. FLIA Youth | Global Civics aims to improve the participation of the young people in international affairs, strengthen their legal capacity and competitiveness in the era of globalization, and encourage those with international views to engage in global governance and development. FLIA Youth | Young Professional Virtual Seminar aims to promote the communication between young professionals from all over the world about their academic work, career path, as well as professional and personal development.

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FLIA Blog includes FLIA Scholar’s blogs and the significant articles and opinions from all over the world at the intersection of law and international affairs. The FLIA Blog team aims to find useful information and distribute them to professionals in the field and help our members and audience to save research time. We also share the blogs on our website and social media, as well as FLIA’ WeChat Account in China, which presents the commentaries on global issues in Chinese and exchange of knowledge and information between China and global scholarship.

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FLIA Dialogue

FLIA Dialogue is a talk program that interviews guests, including scholars, politicians, lawyers, public figures, and key players in social events involving the intersection of law and international affairs. FLIA Dialogue believes passionately in the power of academic talk and professional analysis in building awareness, inspiring young students, and promoting the dissemination of ideas.

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Strive For The Summit We All Dream OF

    Today is FLIA’s two-year anniversary. As the Founder and President, I felt I should write up something about the past two years FLIA has made it through. As a young professional from China studying in the United States, FLIA’s story is part of my story. I hope this story will be something you can relate to.

     To climb a higher mountain and get to a higher summit, you have to get down from the one you are on. Sometimes, it even means you must give up what you already have and leave the beautiful scenery you can see behind your back.

      Before I came to the US, I had the perfect scenery... Read more

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