Join the Team

Join the Team

Want to join the team and bolster your resume by working with scholars and practitioners from all over the world?

Everyone on the team has our own work as graduate students or professionals and all of us work with FLIA on a volunteer basis. What you can gain from FLIA is the opportunity to work with passionate young teammates and world-class professionals from all over the globe, find inspiration from our culture to become experts and mentors, and make connections that you cannot make anywhere else.


Location: Remote

Role Description

FLIA Scholars are experts who join FLIA by invitation, recommendation and request. FLIA Scholars’ roles include:

  1. Offering academic support to FLIA programs;
  2. Joining FLIA research projects and designing research plans;
  3. Leading and supervising certain FLIA research projects and assigning work for FLIA Research Fellows and Research Assistants;
  4. Producing and disseminating research on behalf of FLIA research teams;
  5. Using FLIA logos on appropriate occasions

Minimum Requirements

  1. Completion of terminal professional or academic graduate degree required; Ph.D. highly desirable;
  2. Established scholarly or professional reputation


FLIA Scholars are privileged to attend FLIA programs and events and proactively participate in global academic communication.

  1. Receive information on research funding opportunities, international conferences, and FLIA weekly Blogs (the most important articles at the intersection of law and international affairs);
  2. Spend a period of sabbatical or research leave from your own university;
  3. Get assistance from a FLIA research fellow or research assistant;
  4. Reach out to FLIA’s global network for academic resources, cooperation opportunities, and other assistance;
  5. Host and join global research projects subsidized by FLIA or FLIA partnerships;
  6. Be invited to teach and give presentations in other counties and institutions;
  7. Share links to personal websites or blogs through FLIA’s virtual media;
  8. Enjoy priority publishing status for FLIA Publications and FLIA Blogs;
  9. Share ideas or news with membership and audience from all over the world in FLIA programs;
  10. Impact government and enterprise policies and operations through FLIA.
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If you would like to contribute your time, knowledge, leadership and thoughtfulness to the various research projects and other programs, send us an email expressing your interest and commitment to joining our team along with a C/V and cover letter at You are the one we are waiting for!