FLIA Insight Invitation– Comparative Research Project: Report on Current Judicial Reform Efforts across the World

Judicial reform has been a hot issue in many countries for years. Each country has different problems and priorities. This research report will introduce recent trends in different states and regions regarding judicial reforms and aim to share valuable, unique ideas about judicial philosophy and practice throughout the world.

FLIA invites scholars, graduate students and practitioners with expertise in the field from different countries and jurisdictions to join us in preparing a comparative research report on this issue. The report will include different parts written by different authors. The work from each author need not be original for this project, but must fit the topic and the author should clearly indicate that the work was previously prepared or published. You may choose the following questions as your research topic or offer your own perspectives.

1. Provide an overview of the judicial system, including the interaction between the judicial system and the political structure in your country and the issues/aspects that are the subject of reform efforts.

2. Describe the method for selection and promotion of judges and prosecutors in your country and, if applicable, any efforts to reform the system.

3. Discuss whether the judiciary in your country is considered sufficiently independent. Describe the legal structures that promote judicial independence and/or examine some of the leading ideas for reform.

4. Discuss the most controversial aspects of the current judicial system and/or judicial reform efforts in your country (e.g., the relationship between the courts and procuratorates, corruption, etc. ).

5. Examine the ways in which legal professional education has changed along with the judicial reform in your country.

6. Introduce the new theory or theories that have been created or adopted regarding judicial reform in your country.

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Comparative Judicial Refrom Proposal