We Are Meant To Be The Pioneers Of Global Governance
We Are Meant To Be The Pioneers Of Global Governance

We Are Meant To Be The Pioneers Of Global Governance

We Are Meant To Be The Pioneers Of Global Governance

— Celebrating FLIA’s Fourth Anniversary

When I looked back at all the messages I delivered when celebrating FLIA’s anniversaries, they reminded me of how far we have come in the past four years. For the two-year anniversary, I wrote about my story — why founding FLIA and what my mission and courage are; For the three-year anniversary, I wrote about FLIA’ team, a group of passionate, talented, and committed young professionals and global citizens coming together and showing to the world how to make a real difference. For the fourth anniversary, I want to talk about our future.

We live in a privileged time with many more possibilities and conveniences than ever we have had in human history, yet we live in a challenging time where globalization has not served people in its best performance. The vision of global governance needs to take on a more inclusive approach by involving all relevant sectors, to rebuild people’s trust in the merits of global governance by involving them in the decision-making process and allowing them to share the rewards of globalization as economic, societal, cultural and political elements.

FLIA was established to combat the mistrust among different countries and cultures by bringing together scholars and professionals for dialogues and solutions, and empowering students and young people to engage in global governance.

As our culture states: Every FLIA member is an expert in law and international affairs; Every FLIA member is an ambassador for global awareness and collaboration; Every FLIA member is an architect of an informed and peaceful world. We, although as a young team, are ready to be one of the significant bridges that helps to create communication mechanisms between different legal systems and values.

Therefore, we have to, and we are going to go places!

In the coming months, FLIA is going to organize a conference titled “The Role of the BRICS in Global Governance and International Law” in Brazil, open an office in Beijing, and organize the third Belt and Road Initiative Simulation Competition worldwide. We also have many other exciting initiatives around the world that we are looking forward to announcing in the near future.

In the past four years, we have organized over ten international conferences, two international negotiation competitions, and more than 20 events, edited and published three books, conducted more than ten research projects, published almost 100 newsletters, hosted over 100 interns and helped numerous scholars and students to get involved in global scholarship.

We have been proven capable and achievable. We are here to achieve more goals. I would like to invite more people, governments, universities, international governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, and companies, to join us and support us on this journey. Together, we make the world a better place with intelligence, diversity, and inclusiveness. We are meant to be the pioneers of global governance. Are you ready to take on this mission?

Stay with us and expect more,

Shaoming Zhu

Founder and President

Foundation for Law and International Affairs

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