What benefits you can get from us

Everyone on the team has our own work as graduate students or professionals and all of us work with FLIA on a volunteer basis. What you can gain from FLIA is the opportunity to work with passionate young teammates and world-class professionals from all over the globe, find inspiration from our culture to become experts and mentors, and make connections that you cannot make anywhere else. We respect your priority with your main job or study, and guarantee that you won’t be over burdened by FLIA’s work.

Students who work with us potentially have the chance to connect with established scholars who can recommend them for graduate programs, internships, research assistantships, and other job opportunities. Young scholars potentially have the chance to be recommended for visiting scholar programs or exchange teaching programs.

What we are looking for

Research Assistants 

            The position of research assistant is intended for graduate (master and PhD) and extraordinary undergraduate students who seek advanced, specialized knowledge and experience in a particular area involving law and international affairs. It is recommended for those who pursue participation in global scholarship and seek skills improvement through teamwork with outstanding FLIA experts from all over the world. The duties of a research assistant include:

            - Joining the current international research projects on the following topics: Global Governance and Constitutionalization of Global Norms, Transnational Institutions and Societal Development, Human Rights and Global Civics, Comparative Law and Culture, Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters and Civil Matters, International Courts and Tribunals, Global Economics and World Trade and Investment Rules, International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy, and other relevant topics. 

            - Translation (English / Chinese)

            - Summarizing the key academic work and practical information in the above areas

            - Participating in other work depending on your availability


            - Responsible, creative and efficient working spirit

            - Graduate students, post-doc research fellows


Basic Requirements:

            - Major in law, international affairs or other relevant academic disciplines

            - Systematic knowledge and understanding of at least one of the above topics

            - Excellent English and Chinese reading and writing skills

            - Excellent translation and literature review skills


FLIA Dialogue Program -- Interviewer

            Interviewers will be working on the FLIA Dialogue Program. FLIA Dialogue is a talk program that interviews various guests including scholars, politicians, lawyers, public figures, and key players in social events involving the intersection of law and international affairs. It is anticipated that you will work with the team to:

            - Suggest or identify specific topics and interviewees

            -Conduct background research and design questions with the help of the program director

            - Interview guests by audio or video recording

            -Transcribe the interview

            - Participate in other work depending on your availability

Basic Requirements:

            - Excellent Chinese and English speaking skills

            - Major in law, international affairs, political science, philosophy, or communications is preferred

            - Graduate students preferred; extraordinary undergraduate students may also be considered


FLIA Dialogue Program -- Video Editor

            Video editors will assist the interviewers with editing filmed interviews and will add subtitles and opening and closing themes to the film.

Basic Requirements:

            - Excellent editing skills

            - Comprehensive knowledge of camera shooting and video editing

Contact Us

If you can contribute your time, knowledge, leadership and thoughtfulness to the above programs and are interested in exploring this opportunity, email Shaoming Zhu at contact@flia.com with your resume and cover letter to find out if this opportunity is right for you.

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