Francisco Falsetti Xavier
Francisco Falsetti Xavier

Francisco Falsetti Xavier

From Australia, Brazil, to China, I am proud of being a global citizen.

My name is Francisco, 25 years old, Brazilian, born in the city of Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo State, Brazil. When I was 14 years old, my family and I moved to Australia, in order for my father to pursue his post-P.h.D at James Cook University, Townsville. Moving to Australia for almost one year was my first international living experience and since I returned to my home country, the idea of becoming “part of the international community” – by that I mean either being an officer of my country (a representative/diplomat) or of an international organization – has grown in me. Throughout my High School years, I persisted with this idea due to my passion for travelling and my natural skills of gathering and engaging with people around me. People use to say that I would become a diplomat in the future and this idea grew in me. When I finally had to decide, I chose to make my major/bachelor in International Relations (IR), which I pursued at Faculdades de Campinas (FACAMP), from 2011 to 2014.

During my bachelor’s years, I focused my studies in security studies, which was the subfield that most interested me. At the same time, I also looked to develop my knowledge on Asian Studies, especially focused in China, due to an undiscovered passion I have for that country since I was young. After I finished my bachelor, I started to look for practical work in the field of IR and at the same time, I was trying to receive a scholarship from the Chinese government to pursue a Master degree in China. In June 2015, I was finally approved to receive a scholarship and by September I was already in Jilin University, Changchun, starting my Master’s degree and beginning a new stage of my life. The experience acquired in China by living in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnical environment has only made me want to continue to pursue a career where I could be involved in an international environment. In April 2016, together with two other classmates, we developed a small program called, which the aim was to provide seminars and discussions online (webinars) and to increase our range of contacts throughout the world. Unfortunately, until today the program has had only one session, but it is still not over. I consider the as the best initiative and achievement I have made so far.

At 2017, my last year in China, I went to the Philippines for research purposes for the completion of my master’s dissertation. The topic of my dissertation is related to non-traditional security (insurgents and terrorists influencing Foreign Policy), more specifically, I am discussing the US-Philippine Security relations after the 9/11, relating the decision of the Philippines to re-engage with the US by supporting Bush`s War on Terror, using the internal security threats inside the Philippines – the insurgent and terrorist groups – as the main conduit for the revitalization of their alliance and joint military cooperation. I have chosen this topic to deepen my knowledge in non-traditional security mainly because it is of my greatest interest and it may help me on my future career.

By the second semester of 2017, I had completed my master’s program and returned to my home country to look for work. Currently, I am pursuing a second bachelor degree – in Economics – once I have the possibility of finishing it in only one year and a half. Fortunately, in the beginning of 2018 I could become a research assistant intern at the Foundation for Law and International Affairs, which is being a great experience for my future.

As I said before, I believe that one of my best natural asset is my communication and diplomatic skills, which I believe might be a great asset for my future career as well.

After all the international experience I have acquired, together with my field of interests, I believe what I can mostly provide to the world is my eager and knowledge to avoid conflicts and assist people that suffer with it. I have always had the eager to do something meaningful for the world, always taking my personal values – such as justice, equality and diplomacy – to the professional field. I have great career aspirations and I wish to see myself working for an international organization such as the United Nations or even Interpol, involved in the field of security, investigation and/or peacekeeping. I would like to unite altogether my knowledge about Asia and security studies and be able to positively assist the international community with them.


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