Consulting Briefing No.1 : CSR Concepts and Theories
Consulting Briefing No.1 : CSR Concepts and Theories

Consulting Briefing No.1 : CSR Concepts and Theories

FLIA Consulting Briefing Issue No. 1

Corporate Social Responsibility: Concepts and Theories

Miaoqiang Dai
Edited and translated by FLIA CSR Project Team

Download Full Briefing: FLIA Consulting Briefing 1 CSR

下载中文版简报全文:FLIA咨询简报1 企业社会责任概念及理论

The corporation is the most popular form of production organization but among various factors that support it, equity which denotes the ownership of a corporation constantly enjoys a dominant position. Enterprises are usually regarded as a vehicle of wealth maximization for those who own them, however, businesses that set profit-making as their sole goal also brings problems such as financial crisis, environmental pollutions and labor abuses. There must be something we did not pay enough attention to, such as the responsibilities of businesses to the community, the environment and people whose lives are affected are not currently covered by the legal system. Nowadays, such responsibilities are becoming widely referred to as “corporate social responsibilities,” or CSR, across the world.

Currently, there is no settled definition of CSR but scholars have already been exploring the meaning of it for a long time, many theoretical frameworks were also proposed for CSR analysis and practice. This report briefly reviews those concepts and theories.

FLIA CSR Project Team Members:  Vicky Chien-hui Weng, Odelia Tinghua Chen, Jiangyun Yang, Daris Miaoqiang Dai

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