The supreme authority of FLIA and the government and management of the affairs of FLIA shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board creates the Executive Committee, which consist of all the principle officers. The Program Committee and the Academic Committee separately conduct various programs and research projects.

Shaoming Zhu Shaoming Zhu
William E. Butler William E. Butler
Larry C Backer Larry C. Backer
Flora Sapio Flora Sapio
Shiping Liao Shiping Liao
Sean M. Jorgensen Sean M. Jorgensen
Antonio Angotti Antonio Angotti
Aisi Zhang Aisi Zhang
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IMG_7018 Yixuan (Young) Zeng
Xiaoran Jiang Xiaoran Jiang
Fan Ye -Profile Fan Ye
Keren Wang Keren Wang
Shan Gao Shan Gao
Di Li Di Li
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Xinyu (Annie) Li Xinyu (Annie) Li
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CHENWEIMING1994 Weiming Chen
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冯钰晰 Yuxi Feng
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