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Amplifying the Voice of the Rising Generation in Global Governance

About FLIA Insight

The FLIA Insight is a multi-lingual journal that aims to amplify the voice of the rising generation in global governance by offering a reliable forum for the young students and professionals to speak up and share, promote comparative perspective, embrace a global mindset, and promote respectful debate and public discourse in the areas of law and international affairs.

The topics that the FLIA Insight covers include but are not limited to topics such as Global Governance and Constitutionalization of Global Norms, Transnational Institutions and Societal Development, Human Rights and Global Civics, Comparative Law and Culture, Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters and Civil Matters, International Courts and Tribunals, Global Economics and World Trade and Investment Rules, and International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy.

"Each of us shares in the belief that, in an increasingly globalized world, it is important to broaden the ability of those who wish to connect and share ideas. And for many young scholars, in particular, creating a platform in which they can do this is beyond worthwhile."

-- Natnael Tsegaw, Editor-in-Chief

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Natnael Tsegaw

Editor in Chief

Natnael Tsegaw is our Editor-in-Chief. He graduated from the University of Maryland and majored in Government and Politics with a minor in Professional Writing. Natnael’s interests are largely focused on international affairs. This includes learning about different cultures, histories, and of the relations among different countries across the world. His experience with research normally deals with issues relating to policy, more so on the international level, but some domestic as well. Natnael’s goal now is to work in diplomacy, as he wants to be a part of a global system that can help to create understanding and awareness across cultures.

Sophia Muina

Sophia Muina

Copy Editor and Layout Specialist

Sophia Muina is a JD candidate and graduate student focusing on international affairs at Florida State University. Her main area of interest is international law. Some of her research includes domestic and international policy, treaty analysis, and international human rights. Sophia aspires to become an international lawyer and continue to conduct research and become a professor. She hopes to contribute to raising awareness in various global issues and foster a more inclusive environment.


Danielle Han

Graphic Design

Danielle Han is the Director of Online Community with the Inclusive Diplomat program, while also serving as a research fellow at FLIA. She is currently preparing for a MA Diplomacy with the University of Reading in the UK, and holds a BA in International Studies from the College of New Jersey. Danielle's academic focus on policy advocacy stems from her extensive government work, including; defense, legislature, and state governance.

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