About the BRI Simulation Program

The BRI Simulation Program is an educational program that is dedicated to equip students and young professionals with knowledge and skills for participating in the One Belt One Road Initiative. It is the first direct and comprehensive educational program for the BRI. It is designed and developed by the Foundation for Law and International Affairs (FLIA). 

The program includes training and courses, competitions, and a professional network. Students and young professionals who have participated in competition can join the OBOR Talents Pool and become a member of the OBOR young professional network. 

For more information about the program, see obor.education

About the BRI Simulation Competition

The BRI Simulation Competition is an educational activity in which participants are delegated different roles and use their knowledge and skills to create better strategies and solutions in the process of BRI cooperation and negotiations. The competition simulates cases that are based on real BRI issues and must be dealt with by involving both the public and private sectors, including governments, local society representatives, NGOs, international NGOs, transnational corporations, etc. 

The purpose of this competition is to educate participants to gain experience and knowledge in creating strategies for and promoting the implementation of the BRI-related projects. It requires participants to have excellent knowledge at the intersection of law and international affairs, understanding of local cultures and globalization, skills in researching, public speaking, debating, and writing, as well as abilities in creative and critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.