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FLIA Scholars

FLIA Scholars are experts who join FLIA by invitation, recommendation and request. They join or lead research projects, attend FLIA programs and events, and and offer academic support.

Research Fellows

FLIA Research Fellows take organizing roles in FLIA research projects under the direction of FLIA Scholars. They also assist FLIA Scholars in designing research plans and timelines, as well as produce research reports.

Research Assistants

FLIA Research Assistants identify important topics in the field, summarize key academic work and practical information, and assist FLIA Scholars and Research Fellows in conducting research.

Inaugural FLIA Scholars

Passionately committed to improving the academic communication and cooperation at the intersection of law and international affairs.

Larry Backer (the U.S.)

Professor Larry Catá Backer is a Board Memeber of FLIA. He is the W. Richard and Mary Eshelman Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law & International Affairs at the Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on governance related issues of globalization and the constitutional theories of public and private governance, with a focus on institutional frameworks where public and private law systems converge. He is particularly interested in transnational problem solving through law, broadly defined, including issues of corporate social responsibility, the relationship between state-based regulation and transnational systems of “soft” regulation, state participation in private markets and the emerging problems of polycentricity where multiple systems might be simultaneously applied to a single issue or event, and problems of translation between Western and Marxist Leninist (especially Chinese) constitutional systems. 

Flora Sapio (Italy)

Dr. Flora Sapio (Habilitated Associate Professor) is a Board Member of FLIA. She is internationally reknown for her sophisticated analyses of themes in China studies ranging from legal theory to politics, from economy and society to political communication, from criminal law to social organisations. Her mixed intellectual background, and life experiences in China, the United States, Europe, and Australia have shaped her perspective on the most diverse topics. She is the author or editor of China: The Justice Experience (Cambridge University Press, 2017), Legal Reforms and Deprivation of Liberty in China (Routledge, 2016), The Politics of Law and Stability in China (Edward Elgar, 2014), Sovereign Power and the Law in China (Brill, 2010), besides several articles and commentaries on contemporary issues.

Mark Poustie (the U.K.)

Professor Poustie has been long served at the University of Strathclyde as Dean of Law School and Vice Dean of the Institute of Social Sciences, in charge of international affairs, and promoted cooperation between the two universities. At the same time, Professor Poustie was very successful in his academic field. He has significant research in the area of environmental law, land law, urban planning law, and EU law, leaving great impact on the international scene. Also, Professor Poustie was an active practitioner, who was involved in the governmental policy making process. He has been teaching international environmental law and the EU law class in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics since 2013.

Shiping Liao (China)

Professor Liao Shiping is a Board Member of FLIA. He is now associate professor in Law School of Beijing Normal University. He focuses on many topics on international law, including the law of the sea, the law of the treaties, international humanitarian law, the jurisprudence of international courts and tribunals, international investment law and international trade law. He serves as legal advisor for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China, and State Oceanic Administration for years. He also serves as judge for various international law moot competitions, including JESSUP, ELSA WTO, Manfred Lachs Moot of Space Law, Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, International Criminal Court Moot and IHL Moot in Chinese domestic round, Asia-Pacific regional round and World Final Round.

FLIA Research Fellows

Present new ideas and young perspectives, and address the voice of the rising generation

Aisi Zhang
Research Fellow
Aisi Zhang earned her J.S.D. degree from University of Illinois College of Law. Her advisor, Jamelle Sharpe, is the Associate Dean of the Law School, and a nationally recognized scholar in the areas of administrative law and federal court jurisdiction. Aisi’s research focuses on Chinese constitutional law and public choice theory. The tentative topic of her dissertation is “The Feasibility of Establishing Constitutional Review in Modern China”. Aisi finished her LL.M degree at University of Illinois College of Law and LL.B. degree at East China University of Political Science and Law. She worked as a translator in China Executive Leadership Programs at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Antonio Angotti
Research Fellow
Mr. Angotti is a linced attorney in Italy. He obtained him Bachelor and Master’s degree in Law in Florence, Italy, in 2012, and his LL.M degree in the Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law in the US in 2015. He spent for a year in Brussels, Belgium, where he worked with Avocats Sans Frontieres (ASF), an international non-governmental organization, researching on the status of access to justice in several African and Eastern Asian countries, contributing to the work of UNODC and UNDESA through their collaboration with ASF.
Keren Wang
Research Fellow
Keren Wang works as a graduate instructor at Penn State University’s Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, and as the Assistant Director for the Coalition for Peace & Ethics. Keren holds a master’s degree in International Affairs from Penn State University, and a B.A. in International Area Studies from Drexel University and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. As a researcher, Keren’s interdisciplinary background has enabled him to employ pluralistic methods to the study of global problems, where he has engaged in a wide range of research projects involving political rhetoric, constitutionalism, transnational law, socio-economic rights and social movements.
Sukru Say
Research Fellow
Sukru Say was appointed as a judge in 2006 after finishing his 2-year internship program successfully. He served as a board member at Turkish Judges and Prosecutors Association between 2012-2015. On behalf of the Association, he worked for several projects, presented reports, and made statements regarding to the judicial independence in Turkey. He received his BA in Law at the Marmara University Law School, and his LLM degree at the Istanbul University Law School. Then, he earned an LLM degree at University of Connecticut Law School in 2013, and right after, he started his doctorate in law program (SJD) at Penn State Law.
Di Li
Research Fellow
Di Li is a Ph.D Candidate in Middlesex University, supervised by Professor William A. Schabas OC MRIA. His study is funded by the State Scholarship Fund of China. His current study area is international criminal law. Meanwhile he is interested in international relations based on international law principles. His other publications include: The theoretical relationship between the Attempt and Elements of Crime in Chinese Criminal Law, The analysis for the application of death penalty in modern criminal law in China, and The verification and remedies in judicial procedure for the victims of environmental crimes.
Sungyong Kang
Research Fellow
Sungyong Kang eceived his Bachelor’s degree at Korea National Police University with four years of full scholarship, his LLM in traditional law as a Korean government sponsored scholar at NYU School of Lawa, and his SJD at Fordham Law School. He also earned his masters in international relations from Seoul National University. He worked for Korean National Police Agency for 8 years. He also has work experiences with United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes and Int’s Center For Missing and Exploited Children. His main research area is criminal and administrative law, both domestic and international, in relation to deter white collar crimes.
Du Du
Research Fellow
Du Du got her bachelor degree and Master degree in China University of Political Science and Law. Now she is working on her PhD project in Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She is focusing on company law and comparative company law and is especially interested in rules concerning the cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
Junmin Zhang
Research Fellow
Junmin Zhang is a current PhD candidate in the Department of Private Law in Maastricht University, focusing on the research of international commercial arbitration. She finished the LLM studies in both Chinese law and EU law in China-EU School of law at China University of Political Science and Law, and a Bachelor of Arts in English literature at CUPL as well. Junmin participated in the 22nd Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Hong Kong in 2015. She has various exchange experiences in Columbia University in the City of New York and Jagiellonian University in Poland.

Research Assistants

Yixuan Zeng
Research Assistant
Yixuan Zeng is currently working as Research Assistant and Assistant to the President at FLIA. Her research focuses on East Asian Study, international diplomacy and development policy. She holds the Master degree in International Affairs from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017. She also worked as a graduate intern in Global Programs at the Pennsylvania State University. Previously, she received Bachelor degree in Philosophy from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2015. During her study at Sun Yat-Sen University, she worked as journalist intern at New Express, a daily newspaper in China. she also volunteered as elementary school instructor in Thailand.
Miaoqiang Dai
Research Assistant
Miaoqiang Dai is a Master of International Affairs ’19 candidate. Being honored with the College Graduate Excellence Award of Shanghai, he graduated and gained his Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in June 2017. He also studied political science at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defénse in Paris, France as an exchange student in 2015. His researches focus on international investment, multinational corporations, and related areas. In recent years, he participated in a wide range of intern programs including a fund management company, a commercial bank, a property insurance company, and an M&A financial service company.
Mengchen Wang
Research Assistant
Mengchen Wang earned her Master’s degree in International Affairs and Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Pennsylvania State University. Her academic interest is international relations and affairs with a focus on the Asian related issues covering international politics and economics, international education, energy and environment, and charity, and conducted a research on “Chinese and American reactions to Japanese first bullet train in 1960s”. She also worked as a teaching assistant and student ambassador in school. Previously, she did an internship as an Academic Consultant in Wholeren Education, a multinational education company that provides diverse services to international students.
Prajakta Gupte
Research Assistant
Prajakta Rajeev Gupte is currently working as a research intern in FLIA. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University’s School of International Affairs with Master’s in International Affairs. At Penn State, her area of specialization was international security in South and Southeast Asia. Her research interests include regime change in Myanmar and North Korea, India-China and India-Burma relations, child soldiering and war crimes. She is currently doing an internship with TV Asahi in Washington D.C. covering US political and military news to broadcast in Japan.
Xinyuan Sui
Research Assistant
Xinyuan Sui, now, is a research intern at FLIA and pursuing her Master degree in International Affairs at The Pennsylvania University. Previously, she gained her bachelor degree in Management and had participated several internship programs including a multinational company (the Prime Focus), a Chinese state-owned enterprise (Sinopec), and a non-profit organization (Volunteer Society Nepal). At present, her academic interests mainly focus on the international economy, international trade, and business.
Yuxi Feng
Research Assistant
Yuxi Feng obtained her bachelor degree and master degree in law in Fudan University. Her academic interests cover public international law and international criminal law, while specifically focusing on legal issues related to the use of force. Yuxin served as the principal researcher in the research project "legal systems of Asian states along the Belt and Road", which was launched by the Advisory Committee on International Law of Foreign Ministry. She has also worked for The Chinese Initiative on International Law while being responsible for its column ‘State Practice in International Law’ in Shanghai base.
Ke Zheng
Research Assistant
Ke Zheng is taking masters’ degree at the Pennsylvania State University School of International Affairs, and she will graduate in May 2018. She also received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, so she has skills both in international affairs and economics. During her graduate studies, she took many courses related to international security. Ke also took part in some volunteer activities before. In 2013, she volunteered as a primary school teacher at one of the least developed areas in China.
Fan Ye
Research Assistant
Fan Ye focuses on international relations and diplomacy, development policy, global media and transnational communications. Previously, she received my master’s degree in International Affairs from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017 and the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Shandong Normal University in 2015. During her studies, she has worked as an intern journalist at Legal Daily in Beijing, she has also volunteered with non-governmental organizations in Kenya and Italy that engage in child welfare, community development, and environmental protection.
Yuanchao Bi
Research Assistant
Yuanchao Bi obtained his LLB degree with first class honours at City University of Hong Kong. He is pursuing his LLM study at London School of Economics, specializing in international business law and public international law. He aims to become an international academic lawyer qualified in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the state of New York. He has working experience at international, Chinese and Hong Kong law firms, and with professors at City University. Before his postgraduate legal education, Yuanchao studied and researched in Australia, Germany and Britain. His research interests include comparative contract law, public international law and product liability.
Adrian Lo
Research Assistant
Adrian Lo graduated from Emory University with a BA degree in International Studies, and his concentration was “Conflict & Security in Asia.” He also minored in Philosophy. His interest in US-China relations and geopolitics in general began when he declared his major at the end of my sophomore year at Emory. He have engaged extensively in policy analysis and research, particularly concerning U.S.-China relations and domestic issues in China. This was demonstrated particularly during his internship at the Carter Center during the Fall Semester of my senior year, where he produced original content ranging from news summaries and opinion pieces for their website.
Anni Li
Research Assistant
Annie Li is a Research Assistant at FLIA. She graduated from Brandeis University in B.A., summa cum laude, as the sole recipient of 2017 International and Global Studies Award for Global Citizenship. She defended her senior thesis, “The Legacy of South China Sea: An Introduction of PCA Ruling in a Historical and Political Context,” with high honors. This thesis also received the Lester Martin Foundation Award for the Best Senior Thesis on a Legal Studies Topic. She is currently pursuing a J.D. degree in the United States.
Lingbo Wang
Research Assistant
Lingbo Wang is a Phd candidate in Wuhan University. Previously, she attended the exchange program to Cambridge. Her research focuses on international air law and space law. She was trained for moot court competition for many times and took part in the Jessup Moot Court Competition in 2014 and 2016 respectively, and the Law of the Sea Moot Court Competition in 2017, rewarded as the best oralist. She also served as Chinese Youth Delegation to attend COP23 of UNFCCC.
Yifan Huang
Research Assistant
Yifan Huang works as a research intern in FLIA. She is currently studying for the Master degree in International Affairs at the School of International Affairs, Pennsylvania State University, concentrating on international economics and statistics. With the honor of the Outstanding Graduates, she earned Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration at Nanjing University. Her research interest is international relations and affairs, especially focusing on International economics, democratization, education and relevant issues about Asia. She served as the Head of Minister of Public Affairs at Nanjing University Student Council. And she did several interns in different fields including local health bureau and education institutions.
Chien-Hui Weng
Research Assistant
Chien-Hui Weng is the Deputy Director of Operations as well as a Research Assistant in FLIA. She is studying for a Master of International Affairs and a Graduate Certificate of Applied Statistics’ at Pennsylvania State University. Currently, she works as a teaching assistant in grad school, and as a research assistant for the Associate Dean of Penn State’s International Programs. She obtained her BSocSc (Hons) in Public Policy and Management at City University of Hong Kong. She attended several exchange programs to study economics, management, and development policy, including a one-term program at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom and a two-term program at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherland. Previously, she did an Internship as a Research Fellows in SynergyNet, a think tank in Hong Kong that directly respond to the (ex-)Head of the Legislative Council of HKSAR. Her research interests include international economics, international development, trade policy and development policy.