Panel 5 Personal Date Protection in the Social Credit System


The last panel, “Personal Data Protection in the Social Credit System,” was presided by the excellent moderator Duoqi Xu (Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan School of Law; Director, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Center for Internet Law Innovation). The panelists include: Manuel Delmestro, Professor of Comparative and EU Law at Furen University, Taiwan (presenting “Protecting Personal Information in the EU: a Preliminary Overview (English));” Xiaoye Bao, Lecturer, Shanghai Normal University Business School (presenting “Study on the Legal Matters of the Application of Governmental Big Data (Chinese));” and Ping Sun, Associate Research Fellow, East China University of Political Science and Law Research Center for Rule of Law (presenting “The Informational Person and Social Credits: The Dilemma of Legislation on Data Protection and its Solutions for China (Chinese)).” Additional remarks were presented by Vilna Zhang (Senior in house Counsel, Tencent Credit Bureau Co., Ltd.) and insightful commentary was provided by Na Peng, Manager of Credit Regulatory Affairs, Experian Business Information Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd).