Panel 2 The System and Practice of Credit in the Global Context


Sheng Chen (Director, Shanghai Law Academy Research Center for Banking Law Practice) provided excellent moderation of the second panel. That panel considered “The System and Practice of Credit in Global Context.” The panelists noted the complexities of social credit when considered at the global level. The panelists include: Xiaofeng Zhao, Deputy Director, Information Center of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission (presenting “The Development, Operation, and Practice of the Social Credit System in Shanghai (Chinese));” Keren Wang, FLIA Scholar; Penn State University PhD Candidate (presenting “The System and Practice of the US Credit System (Chinese));” Zhengjun Nie, Chief Privacy Officer, Ant Financial Services Group (“The Credit Rating System and Operation of Ant Financial Services (Chinese));” and Pengfeng Shi, Co-founder, (presenting “Case Analysis on the Problematic Online Loan Platform (Chinese)).”