Opening Remarks on April 23: Summary and Reflection on the Conference on April 22


The fourth panel and the Special Session were presented on April 23. Dean and Professor of Shandong University Law School Wei Shen gave the opening remarks. Dean Wei Shen started the proceedings with a marvelous critical summary of the first day’s efforts with suggestions for moving forward. He highlighted the four great themes of the efforts on April 22: Globalization v anti globalization; Trade v investment; Governance; and Prediction.

He then asked: How to move forward? That question provides a doorway through which it now becomes evident that substantial continuous reflection on globalization is required. We are called to the sort of Criticism-self-criticism that may move us toward greater insights relating to the great issues raised with necessary roots in the usual differences between North-South, developed- developing states. Lastly he noted the possibility of sustainable convergence of legal norms rules in the area of trade may not extend to convergence in all areas of macro-economic activity, and especially touching on uniform monetary, tax, and fiscal policy. There is little by way of cost benefit analysis of value of this uniformity. It is hard to develop effective enforcement tools. Therefore these will remain driven by needs of local context. Lastly he noted that the project of prediction might require a purpose based focus. One might need to figure out for what perspective one engages in the prediction—china, west or global. This will produce useful question.